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Pepper Spray - Portable Pocket Tool for Safety and Defense

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Compressed gas tanks must be transported separately,  recommended to buy more than 2 pcs,we will off it later.

"When used, it is sprayed on the face of the opponent, causing the opponent to lose his eyesight for at least 20 minutes, coughing, his face is full of hot, and he is completely incapable of resisting. The effective spraying distance is 3 meters. The main ingredient is high strength capsaicin (scientific name OC), non-toxic, harmless to the human body. Capacity can be sprayed continuously for 20 seconds, can also be sprayed many times. The seal is spot on"

Produits métalliques sur la surface des inévitables petites rayures et marques de moisissure, traces de polissage, c'est un phénomène normal.

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